How to wear a beanie may seem like a simple question, and it really is! Just shove it on your head and you’re good to go, right? Not always. There are so many different styles of beanies and there are so many looks that you can create with them! Here are my favorite styles this season.

  1. The original: Do you have a basic beanie? The easiest way to rock it is over your forehead and on a downward angle to thetumblr_md8ibd1yWR1qboqbv back of your head covering your ears. This style is simple and fuss-free, plus it will keep you totally toasty! Pair your beanie with a white v-neck and dark jeans with combat boots.
  2. With a braid: If you prefer your hair pulled back in some kind of way when you are wearing your beanie, then this style is for you. Try a loose braid with your beanie! This style is really useful on windy days
  3. With bangs: If you have bangs, then there are plenty of styling options with your beanie. If you have full bangs just wear the beanie a bit further back on your head so your bangs aren’t flat on your forehead. You can also wear your bangs sweeping to the side and peeking out for the front of the beanie.
  4. Make a statement: Wear a super bright colored beanie or one with a fun pattern! Making a statement is always fun!

I love finding new ways to wear my beanies! What is your favorite way to wear them?

XOXO, Chels