Dresses are my favorite! I hate having to slide them to the back of my closet once the cold weather and snow start to hit. Of course, bright colors and sun dresses probably need to be retired, but you don’t have to quit wearing dresses completely! Check out my favorite ways to rock a dress in the freezing cold!Chelsea Crockett- over the knee boot

The typical way to wear a dress in the cold without freezing is with tights, boots, and a jacket. While this style is classic and always accepted, there are a few fun ways to ditch the tights! Have you ever heard of over the knee boots?! These are great to throw on with a dress and show just enough skin that you won’t get too cold! Another interesting way to wear a dress in the winter is with a tight pair of skinnies. This works best with a flannel or sweater dress (I would not recommend this with a tight dress).

When it comes to a jacket, my favorites to wear with a dress are a classic leather bomber jacket or long knee coat. Totally depends on your mood! Don’t give your favorite dress the boot too soon…you’ve just gained yourself a few more months!