Hi Girls,

            Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are the ultimate accessory to any outfit!  They dress up any outfit and take it to the next level.  When it comes to adding these items to your look, do you pick silver or gold?  I’ll take you through a guide to picking out the perfect metallic shade for your jewelry!Chelsea Crockett-gold jewelry

            Gold jewelry looks great with deep colored tones.  Pair gold jewelry with ruby reds, plum purples, and forest greens.  These deep colors will allow the gold to really pop in the jewelry creating a statement piece!  Cream and royal blue also a great colors to pair with gold. 

              Silver jewelry can be perfectly paired with pastels and soft colors.  Silver jewelry is softer than gold jewelry, so these light shades would be over powered by the gold jewelry.  You never want your outfit to look “off”.  Adding the silver jewelry to a light colored outfit will keep your look soft, but with added sparkle!  Black and white are very special colors.  They are completely universal and go great with both silver and gold jewelry!  If you’re wearing black, pick your jewelry based on your mood.  Are you feeling rock and roll or soft and pretty?  Whatever look you’re going for, silver and gold jewelry will forever accessorize any style.




Forever21 is a wonderful and cheap place to find a variety of jewelry! 

Check out a few of my favorite pieces: http://tiny.cc/JC_GoldNecklace http://tiny.cc/SilverCuff