Boho jewelry has made its stylish statement in the fashion world as it sweeps the pages on Pinterest and appears on everyone’s Instagram feeds! On Pinterest (of course) I discovered a jewelry brand called Indie and Harper that offers a variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. I am so obsessed!Chelsea Crockett - Moon Pendant Necklace

Their necklaces are the main source of attraction to their brand. One of their most popular necklaces is the Half Moon Pendant Necklace shown on the right! It’s $35 but I think it’s totally worth it! They also have a wide variety of other designs such as a whale tail, a feather, rose quartz, etc. Most are cheaper than other jewelry brands and their quality is just as good!

If you’re more of a bracelet or ring girl, you’ll be obsessed with these too! Most of their rings are super simple, but include a cool stone or emblem! Indie and Harper is really big on stones which can be cut tiny to add some extra decoration to your ring. As far as the bracelets go, there isn’t as big of a selection but still worth a look!

If you want some earrings, anklets, or other accessories, check the website for those too!

Enjoy! – Chels