You may have heard of, or even tried, the boho chic style I’ve mentioned in a couple other articles.  If you’re in love with the boho style, just like I am :), you should try out another similar style called indie, or indie rock!  Here are a few tips on how to achieve your look.

Chelsea Crockett - Layering BraceletsThe first step to a perfect outfit is always accessorizing, which is exactly what Indie fashion is about.  Fun, colorful bracelets, like the ones on the left, show the perfect example of how to display your jewelry.  If you’re feeling extra trendy, add in a flowery or lace headband!

As far as shirts go, if you have an oversized graphic or concert tee wear it!  Also, try to stick with subtle colors such as tan, black, yellow, navy, maroon, etc.  Or… you can rock lace, flowers, or anything that gives off a hipster kind of feel.  Tribal patterns, floral prints, and denim are perfect to tie your outfit together.  Avoid neon colors or anything too bright.  It’s all about being subtle and edgy.  This style is perfect for the warm months ahead.  Chic dresses, denim shorts, and retro skirts will be sure to catch peoples’ attention this spring :)!