When you see the word “kimono” I think of Mulan and all that jazz. What I didn’t imagine was the modern take on the kimono! I ran across this adorable trend while scrolling through Pinterest. Here are a few ways that you can conquer the kimono craze:

  1. With a crop top and shorts: Although you will not be able to rock this look for very much longer because cooler weather iskimono 2 upon us, you can always whip this outfit out on those last warm days of fall. Or just keep this cute boho look in the back of your mind for next summer!
  2. Tall boots, tights, shorts and tank: This look is super layered and super chic. Wear dark shorts, tights and boots with a white loose shirt, then pair a patterned kimono over the top to add character to the look.
  3. Ripped jeans and ankle boots: This is a casual, everyday take on the kimono. I would totally wear this look to school.

Who knew that kimonos could be so darn cute?! I’m heading to Forever 21 to grab one ASAP! This will totally make my fall wardrobe complete.

XOXO, Chels