One trend I am really loving is the “lace-up” fashion trend. There are tons of ways to wear this trend, from shirts that lace-up at the top, to dresses that do the same, and even flats that lace up and tie behind your ankles. Today, we are going to focus on lace-up flats and how you can style these trendy shoes. They are so versatile!dress

  1. Casually, with shorts: If you are a casual gal and are looking for an easy but stylish outfit, pair a simple white shirt with cutoff jean shorts and lace-up flats. The flats will give the outfit a fashion-forward flare while the shirt and shorts keep things simple.
  2. Cute, with a dress: If you want to show your dressy side, pair a simple dress with lace-up flats. Because the shoes are your outfit’s focal point, wear a dress that does not have a pattern on it. I love a white dress, nude flat combo!
  3. Effortless, with jeans: Looking for an effortlessly chic outfit? Pair ripped black skinnies with a white shirt and black or nude lace up flats. Easy, simple, and fashionable.

What is YOUR favorite way to wear lace-up flats?

XOXO, chels