Hey Insiders,

My next few blogs are going to be about the celebrities that I get my inspiration from. My posts are going to focus on their style and her makeup techniques. Today I am going to write about Lana Del Rey!

Lana’s style is kind of all over the place. In some situations she can be chic and classy, but in others she can be crazy hipster. She has dark auburn hair, which she usually wears curled in big, 1970’s looking waves. She can pull off almost anything. I have seen her wear a cropped t-shirt and high waisted cut-off jean shorts with red converse and still look amazing! I am going to take it that the t-shirt and converse look is her “laid back” look. She really gives off a strong retro vibe. Most of her outfits have a “blast from the past” kind of feel. She looks like she walked right out of the 70’s!

For Lana’s makeup, her trademark is the winged eyeliner. She can really pull it off! The winged liner goes along with her retro vibe. She is often photographed wearing dark lipsticks, such as dark burgundy or scarlet. She can totally pull it off! She has super plump lips, so this look can work for her. In a lot of her photos she gives off a sort of pouty look, which can be traced back to her bodacious lips. She also has very thick eyelashes, which just add to her glamorous essence.

Lana is such a beautiful woman. Her style goes right along with her personality. She takes the retro style to a whole new level. Go look her up, I bet you will agree with me!