Leggings are a girl’s best friend. We throw them on with an oversized t-shirt, a big sweater, or basically anything we can make them work with! Depending on the brand or type you get, they can sometimes attract dust or stretch out more than others. That’s the worst! I’ve found some genius ways you can stretch out the lifetime and keep them clean and fitting!

First come first, where is all this dust and buildup coming from on my leggings? Believe it or not, it’s mostly dead skin. Of course, it could also be other alternative. Particles from clothing can latch on to your leggings and create buildup that way too. Obviously washing your pair of leggings can get rid of dust or other particles, Chelsea Crockett - Leggingsbut let’s be real… wh has time to wash their leggings after every wear? Here’s the solution: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Hydrating your skin can lessen these effects. Apply lotion daily especially after you shower. During the winter months, our skin gets much drier so these tips are extra important throughout the cold season.

Sometimes our leggings tend to run and stretch which is not what we paid for! I read online that lightly spraying them with hairspray helps prevent this. It actually works, too! This doesn’t mean you have to coat your leggings with hair spray. Just lightly mist them before putting them on or after a wash.

Do you have any secrets to preserving the life of your leggings? Share them with me below!