Which team are you on? Team dark wash jeans or team light wash jeans? I can never decide which is my cup of tea. Both have different ways of wearing them and styling them! Let me give you a little info on both and then you can decide which team you are on!chels light wash jeans


Light wash jeans: This style of jean is the more casual option out of the two. I like the textural effect of fading and just the light color of the jeans. I like wearing dark colored tops with light jeans when I want an outfit with high contrast, and white tops when I want an outfit with low contrast. If you are a casual kind of girl or just need a break from dark denim, then light wash jeans are for you!


Dark wash jeans: Dark wash jeans are dressier than their light wash counterpart. I like to wear dark wash jeans when I wear riding boots and classier kinds of outfits, or if I am going out with friends! If you are an Insider who likes to dress nice frequently, then dark wash jeans are your thang.


So, do you know which team you are on? Team Dark Wash or Team Light Wash? Comment below and let me know!

XOXO, Chels