The Met Gala just happened and it was one of the best years yet, filled with lots of celebrities, stylish attires, and new trends!  I’m sure you saw some of the most popular looks from the red carpet, but there were plenty that went unnoticed, as well.  Here are a few overall trends from the event!

  • Red, red, and more red! Chelsea Crockett - Met Gala Red Dress Red has always been one of my favorite colors to wear when I have a big event to go to.  It’s a color that draws attention and looks great in photos! 🙂
  • Open backs.  Remember when cutouts were a big thing?  Well at the Met Gala this year, there were lots of jumpsuits and dresses with open or low backs!
  • Silver accessories.  Silver is my favorite type of jewelry to wear at the moment and apparently it was for the celebrities on the red carpet, as well!  It’s easy to match with any colors and shades, so owning a lot of silver is never a bad thing!
  • Fringe.  Fringed clothing and shoes can either be really cute or over-the-top, but all of the different fringe looks from the Met Gala were super stylish and definitely stood out!

Which trend from this year’s Met Gala is your favorite?  Tell me in the comment section below!

XO – Chelsea