Sunglasses are always changing styles and trends at all times throughout the year.  That being said, summertime is the perfect time for purchasing a new pair of sunglasses for those long days in the sun.  Mirrored sunglasses are a huge trend in the accessory world at the moment.  Here are a few of my fave brands and products that are worth a look!

My favorite feature of this trend is the variety of different colored lenses.  Whatever your favorite color may be, you can find different shades and hues of which you prefer.  If you like bright colors, you can purchase a pair like the ones below.  You can find them in pink, blue, green, purple… the possibilities are endless.  Maybe even get a couple pair to match with your outfits!  Chelsea Crockett - Mirrored Sunglasses

There are several brands that have paired this trend with fun frames to make unique, stylish sunglasses.  If you’ve read my article about Quay Australia, then you know they’ve perfected this look!  They are just one of the several brands that offer fun, mirrored sunglasses that bring accessories to a whole new level.

Jump on the trend and purchase a pair for yourself!  What other styles are you into this summer?  Share with me below!

XOXO – Chelsea