In our society, modesty is something that’s considered “weird” or “non-fashionable.”  So many girls think it’s overrated and a forgotten way of the past.  But there are actually so many fashionable looks and outfits that you can rock all summer long!  After all, modest is hottest, right? 🙂      

  • One-piece swimsuits.  If you haven’t already seen the hundreds of girls rocking one pieces on the beach or at the pool, then I’m here to tell you that they’ve made a major comeback!  Almost every brand that offers swimsuits now sells stylish one pieces that are fashionable and trendy yet comfortable and modest!
  • Midi-skirts.  I know for me, it’s hard to find a skirt that fits me just right yet isn’t super short.  Midi-skirts are the perfect exception!  Chelsea Crockett - Collared ShirtYou can dress them up or dress them down with heels, wedges, accessories, etc.  If you find the right shirt, you can create the perfect trendy look!   
  • Long Overalls.  Like I’ve mentioned in plenty other articles, overalls are back!  You can buy them in the classic jean material or find them in different colors anywhere from black to light pink.  They give off a retro look that’s both modest and super trendy! 
  • Collared Shirts.  Now I’m not saying you have to rock a buttoned-up polo, but loose fitting collared shirts are so in and so cute!  Pair them with jeans and wedges to create the perfect beachy look.  Take the outfit on the right for example!   

Which modest trend is your favorite?  I love all of them!  Let me know which one you rock the most below!

XOXO – Chelsea