Hey Insiders,

Lipstick is a very important part of any look. Getting the right shade and brand is crucial! My favorite brand of lipstick is Yves Saint Laurent.

Jan-17-YSL-1-FB3A0842Reason number 1 is because there are so many choices in color! There are literally hundreds of colors, from light flirty pink, to dark burgundy, to deep red. They even have shades of purple and orange! With all these choices in color, there is no doubt that you can find one that fits both your personality and style perfectly.

The second reason that I love this brand is the quality of their products. I would personally give them five stars. Their colors are opaque and bright. When you apply the lipstick, they melt on your lips like butter! After you apply, the color lasts all day. This means you don’t have to hassle with applying every few hours, and you don’t have to worry about your color fading. The packaging of their products is chic and classy. I feel so fancy using them. And to top that off, there is even a little mirror on the top of the cap so you can look at yourself while applying!

Jan-17-YSL-FB3A0845And finally, last reason I love YSL lipsticks is because they have sunscreen in them! I know that sounds kind of weird, but it is actually a huge benefit. By having SPF 15 in their formula, your lips are protected from harsh UV rays that the sun throws your way. This helps you maintain younger, healthier looking lips!

Try it for yourself, you will fall in lipstick-love just as much as I did!



Check out YSL lipstick here:http://tiny.cc/YvesSaintLaurent