The one thing I like about fashion is all the prints, patterns, and colors you can mix and match to find your perfect look.  Recently, Chelsea Crockett - Acid Wash DressI’ve found many stores and boutiques that offer all different articles of clothing in the acid wash print, and I love it!  Here’s a little insight and what my take is on this trend!

If you’re going for a retro or grunge look, then this print is the perfect way to do it!  Chelsea Crockett - Acid Wash ShirtMy favorite way to rock this trend is with a casual dress like the one on the left.  Pair these dresses or tops with silver jewelry and a pair of booties, sandals, or even converse if you’re going for a more casual look.  If you want a subtler acid wash look, you can find t-shirt dresses and simple tees like the one on the right.

With acid wash, there are different types of color pairings that make for the cutest outfits!  Like the picture on the left, you can find white and navy or even pinks, purples, etc. like the picture above.  If you want a similar pattern but one that is less grunge, try marble print.  These two styles are very similar, but marble print is a little nicer!  Decide for yourself which one you like better!

XOXO – Chels