Hey insiders! 

            Since fall’s almost here, it’s time to break out your pants and pack up your shorts.  As autumn’s cool months roll in, you’ll be seeing everything from patterned leggings to colorful jeans.

            First, I want to talk all about jeans.  Not just denim, but solids, stripes, polka dots, and lots more.  Solid colored jeans are my favorite because they’re super cute, but still extremely casual.  You can wear these to school without being too “dressed up” but still catch other’s attention with your fashionable outfitWink.  Pair them with a matching scarf and you’re set!  Check them out here:http://tiny.cc/ColoredJeans!Chelsea Crockett - Patterned Jeans

            Another popular trend that I see repeat almost every fall, is patterned jeans.  I love, love, love fun patterns and colors so you can guess I own a pair or two of these!  A few hot patterns are floral, striped, plaid, and printed.  Some are extra creative and add studs or even lace!      

            Of course, I can’t forget leggings.  One of my favorite things about fall are big, over-sized sweaters.  Wearing a cute pair of leggings is a great idea to pair with those comfy sweaters.  Just like jeans, you can find solid colored or printed leggings!  They even have galaxy and cross printed ones!     

            Hope this gives you a little help to prepare for fall!

                                                            Love, Chels