Hi Insiders,

            Pastel colors have been making a name for themselves this winter.  What once used to be only for spring is now making its way to the colder months.  Although a full on pastel outfit probably isn’t the best way to style this trend, there are a few great ways to incorporate these soft colors in your everyday winter wardrobe.

            Mint green and light pink are two of my favorite pastel colors right now.  The mint green is especially good for winter. Adding fun pastel colored accessories to your wardrobe is a great way to change things up.  Try wearing a soft colored chunky necklace with a cream or grey sweater.  Even try throwing on a light pink cross body with your winter pea coat.  Another great way to add a little pastel to your outfit is to wear a subtle pair of pastel studs.  This will add a touch of color toChelsea Crockett- pastel outfit any outfit.

            If you’re willing to be a little more daring, try a mint green dress!  Pair it with black or nude tights and a cardigan.  Even throw on a light colored sweater with cream skinny pants.  These outfits will really standout against the white winter snow!  If you’re going to be outside for a while throw on a pastel scarf, hat, or ear warmer.  There’s nothing cuter than fashionable winter gear!  If you’re wearing a pastel outfit and want to add jewelry, pearls are the way to go!  You don’t want to add bold metal jewelry to soft-toned colors.  Keep it light!  Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of your spring items into your winter wardrobe.  You never know when you’ll inspire someone else to change up their look!