For those of you that attend a private school or go to a school that requires a uniform, like a plaid skirt, you probably hate the sound of plaid.  Fortunately for you, plaid is back!  It is a design that fades in and out of the fashion world.  It can be seen on high fashion runways and on the streets of New York City and Los Angeles.  So think of your plaid uniform as high fashion!  Here’s all you need to know on rocking plaid. Chelsea Crockett- plaid shirts            A plaid button up is a must for every closet.  It is so versatile!  For that street style look, throw on a pair of high waisted shorts and a tank top.  Leave your plaid button up open and wear it over the tank.  You can roll the sleeves or leave them down!  It’s such a simple look!  If you want to go for a “grungier” look, try a pair of combat boots!  For a dressier plaid look, all you need is a little sparkle.  Throw on a sequin tank over a plaid dress or skirt.  Pair with tights and a cute pair of booties and you’re good to go!  It’s perfect for a night out on the town!  So next time you’re out shopping, pick up some plaid.  You can’t go wrong! 



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