It’s that time of the year again…PROM!  It’s the biggest event to happen in high school, so picking the perfect dress is essential.  So much goes into shopping for the right dress: color, style, sizing, etc.  It’s quite the ordeal!  To make your prom shopping trip a little easier, follow a few of my simple prom dress tips!

  1. Start shopping early! 
  2. Make sure to pick a color that is right for you!  If you have pale skin, do not pick a color that will wash you out.  Instead try royal blue or nude.  These colors will Chelsea Crockett- prom dresseshighlight your best features.  If you have dark hair or olive/dark skin, go for a bold color!
  3. If you are ordering online, then order one size larger than you normally would.  It’s easy to make a dress smaller, but it’s impossible to make a dress bigger.
  4. Find the right tailor!  Whether you buy a dress in-stores or online, most of the time you will need to do some adjusting.  A tailor can make your dress fit your body perfectly.
  5. Try on every…single…dress.  This is SO important!  A dress can look completely different on the hanger.  Be sure to try on every dress you like until you find the one.
  6. Keep an open mind!  Try on dresses that you normally wouldn’t like.  You may be surprised!  Also, listen to others opinion.  Just because you like a dress, doesn’t mean it’s the dress for you.
  7. Show your friends your dress, so they do not buy the same one as you.

Happy prom season!