I know it’s only the end of January but with spring approaching, we all have one thing on our minds…  What will my prom dress look like this year?  As girls, we love to dress up and have that extra special night with the perfect dress, shoes, hair, and makeup!  This year is no different.  You may think it’s too early to be thinking of prom dresses, but I think Chelsea Crockett - Two Piece Prom Dressthe earlier the better! The faster you get your dress, the less you have to worry about copying someone else or duplicating their dress.

What’s nice about this year is that almost any dress will fit the fashion scene.  If you like long and straight, glittery and full, or even a two piece dress, then you are in luck.  You’ll be ready for the red carpet look.  My suggestion would be to get online and find the style you’re looking for that best fits your body type and your inner fashion style.  Many of the dresses have open backs or high neck cuts.  If you want to be the princess of the ball, perhaps a gown with sheer sequins or tiny sparkles will give you that extra feminine look.

One of the looks I love for this year is a trendy two piece gown.  Many of them have sequins and cut outs to give just the look you are going for.  I still haven’t decided which dress is my exact favorite but I can sure spend endless hours looking at beautiful dresses online and in magazines.  It’s not too early to get started!

Happy shopping! – Chelsea