Prom season is right around the corner and it’s never too early to start prepping for it.  Not only is it a priority to look good on prom night, but to be comfortable, too!  I’d say the most painful part of the prom process is wearing heels for hours during pictures, dinner, dancing, etc.  I found a few DIY ways to break-in your heels that’ll make wearing them all night a piece of cake!

  • If your heels are too tight, stretch them out using ice!  Fill up two freezer bags with water and seal them tightly.  Place the bags in your heels then put them in the freezer until the water freezes.  Then, take out your heels and let the ice thaw until you can slip out the bags.  Your heels should be much looser and comfier!Chelsea Crockett - Prom Heels
  • Speaking of making your heels more comfortable, using heat to stretch out the material is your best bet!  Take a blow dryer and blast your shoes with hot air, then bend and twist your shoes while they’re still warm to loosen them up!
  • One of the worst parts about wearing new shoes is the possibility of lots of blisters… Yikes!  As weird as this might sound, try rubbing deodorant on the places on your foot where you might blister.  This will provide a small barrier to prevent any rubbing!
  • When you get a new pair of heels, the bottoms of them will most likely be slippery.  Take sandpaper and rub the bottom of your shoes with it.  It’ll give them a little grip and friction!

Which DIY are you going to try out?  I hope it helps! 🙂

XO – Chelsea