When I love a certain pair of shoes, I hate seeing them get worn out day after day.  There’s always that one favorite pair that you have to say goodbye to after so many wears!  Since I want to get the most out of my shoes and definitely get my money’s worth, here are a few shoe repair hacks that will make your shoes look good as new!

  • Use toothpaste and a toothbrush to restore whiteness to your tennis shoes.  Don’t underestimate what a little toothpaste can do!  Scrub any parts of your shoe that need some shining.Chelsea Crockett - Shoe Hack
  • Cover any scratches with nail polish.  Whatever the color of your shoe may be, apply some nail polish to camouflage any noticeable marks and scratches.  Let it fully dry before wearing them!
  • If you have a pair of suede shoes, use a nail file to get rid of any stains or scratches.  I had never heard of this hack before, but it really works!  Lightly rub the nail file against the suede to eliminate any annoying stains or scratches.
  • Believe it or not, you can get rid of scratches on leather with a little moisturizer.  If you ever wear leather, then you know it can get beat up pretty easily!  Adding a dab of moisturizer will loosen up the leather and make any scratches disappear.   

Try a hack or two out for yourself!  They really work!

XOXO – Chelsea