Are you into the retro look? Do you like rocking clothes that have a throwback vibe? Then you will love the bell-sleeve trend. The wide sleeves give a free-spirited vibe to the pieces. The sleeves sort of remind me of pictures I have seen of disco dancers back in the ‘70s! Here is how to rock the throwback look today.

  1. Casual: If you want to casually incorporate bell-sleeves into your daily wardrobe, opt for a simple, loose-fitting tunic type shirt with subtle bell-sleeves. Pair this with distressed jeans for a subtle, casual look.bell
  2. Semi-casual: If you are going more for a “dinner with friends” or a cute date look, opt for a more dressy blouse-type shirt with bell-sleeves paired with simple skinny dress pants or solid jeans. Add in a felt hat or booties for accessories.
  3. Dressy: If you are looking to dress things up, pair a bell-sleeve dress with thights and boots. Now this outfit isnt TOO dressy, so it can be used in semi-casual situations as well. I love the combo of tights and booties with the dress. Totally classy, totally trendy, and totally cute! Toss on a felt hat to add some personality to the outfit.

What do you think of bell-sleeves? Will you wear the trend?

XOXO, Chels