Hello Ladies,

            Step over boring, old sweaters, the turtleneck is making a comeback!  This chic sweater is making headlines with new ways to rock the typical turtleneck.  Designers everywhere have been coming up with newer versions of the beloved sweater turning it into a teenagers new favorite look.  They’re not just for your grandma anymore!

            The crop top, one of the hottest trends this summer, is making its way to the winter season.  Lots of celebs have been seen wearing cropped turtleneck sweaters, which can now be found at stores like Forever21.  They are so trendy and look great with a high-waisted skirt and tights or high-waisted skinny jeans.  If you’re into the more traditional sweater, no worries!  The typical turtleneck is still in style.  Try pairing it with a quilted vest and chunky necklace.  It’s a great sweater to pair accessories with.  If you don’t like something around your neck, try a scoop neck sweater.  It’s like a turtleneck, but has an over-sized neckline.  You won’t feel so confined.  Last but not least, make sure to add a pair of riding boots to your final look.  You can’t go wrong with turtlenecks and boots this season.Chelsea Crockett- crop turtleneck

            Step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your wardrobe.  If you’re nervous about stepping out in a turtleneck, then open up a current magazine.  They’re everywhere! You’ll be the trendiest girl out and about.