I love companies that donate some of their proceeds to a good cause.  That way, my purchase not only helps a cause in need but makes me feel better about where my money is going.  Sand Cloud is a brand that donates 10% of their sales to marine wildlife organizations that share their same mission! Chelsea Crockett - Sand Cloud Towel

Sand Cloud doesn’t work alone.  They’ve partnered with companies that work to preserve marine wildlife as well such as Oceana, San Diego Coastkeeper, and Surfrider Foundation.  For example, they partnered with San Diego Coastkeeper to host a beach cleanup to continue protecting the beaches they love!  Tons of Sand Cloud fans joined the team and helped to eliminate trash such as plastic wrappers and styrofoam cups.

As far as their merchandise, their several different patterned towels are the focus of their brand.  They also offChelsea Crockett - Sand Cloud Toweler water bottles, backpacks, and phone cases, as well!  Their towels, like the one on the left, are sand resistant and good for laying out at the beach.  They have tons of different colors and patterns that have a boho feel to them.  If you’re super interested in the brand, you can even sign up to become an ambassador and receive discounts and other rewards.

If you’re hittin’ up the beach this summer, I urge you to sign up today and order your own Sand Cloud towel!

Love, Chelsea