When you think of a scarf, you probably think of cold weather, don’t you?  A large coat, wool hat, and boots are usually what a scarf is paired with.  Surprisingly, a scarf CAN be worn in the summer.  Summer scarves are super cute and come in a variety of colors and prints.  These light weight scarves can be purchased almost anywhere; Forever21 carries a handful of cheap, summer scarves.Chelsea Crockett- Summer Scarves

            Summer scarves can be perfectly paired with a sun dress or a pair of high waisted shorts with a tank.  Adding a scarf to your look will give it an extra edge and pop of color!  Wrap the scarf around your neck multiple times, wrap it around once, or fold it in a square and then wrap it for a triangle look in the front.  The material used for these summer scarves are very light, so don’t worry, you won’t be sweating!  Go out and buy a sweet, summer scarf to pair with your cool summer looks.  You’ll guarantee to step up your summer style game.



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