Now we all know that scarves are a great accessory to go around your neck.  Whether it’s to keep you warm or dress up a look, a scarf is an item that every girl must own!  One of the greatest things about scarves is that they have more than one purpose.  I’m going to break down some creative ways to wear your scarf…..the possibilities are endless!

            Chelsea Crockett- braid scarfWho would’ve thought that a scarf would be a great hair accessory?  Start by putting the scarf around your head and tie it behind your hair.  Pull all of your hair, including the left over strands of the scarf, to one side.  Start braiding your hair into a long braid, incorporating the ends of the scarf into your braid.  This will add a pretty pop of color in your long, beautiful braid!  It’s such a fun way to brighten any look.

            Another unique way to wear a scarf is to turn it into a bracelet.  If you have three small square scarves, lay them all side by side and tie all three together at the end.  Start braiding the three scarves together until the braid is complete.  You could even braid in a strand of “bling”!  Tie it around your wrist and there you go!  It’s that simple!   Hope you’ll try out these two different ways to wear a scarf.  Show off your creation to your friends!Chelsea Crockett- Scarf Bracelets