Selena Gomez is not only an actress and singer but a fashion icon to girls around the world! How she manages to look perfect 24/7 makes me wonder how she does it. I found some fashion and beauty tips that reveal a few of her secrets and advice that we can all try out for ourselves!Chelsea Crockett - Selena Gomez Red Carpet

When it comes to accessorizing, Selena always says that less is more! Wearing a simple necklace, a studded bracelet, and a clutch might be all she rocks with her dress on a red carpet. I think we all can learn a little bit from this! If you’re wearing an outfit that already has a lot going on, don’t overdo it with blinged out accessories.

Since she goes by the “less is more” motto, Selena always keeps a natural, fresh face no matter where she goes. I try to do the same! Caking on makeup is never a good idea, especially when it comes to your skin. Keeping your face cleansed and moisturized will help unclog your pores and have a good foundation for when you apply your makeup!

When it comes to style, Selena isn’t one for going all out or overdoing it. Sometimes her go-to outfit is simply a tee, boyfriend jeans, and a solid colored scarf with boots. Keeping a neutral, simple style is hard to do in Hollywood, but she makes it look easy!

Although Selena might like toning down her outfits, style is really all about expressing yourself! She also says to feel free to be yourself and not care what other people think. She’s definitely a role model and beauty icon to look up to!

Love, Chelsea