Senior pictures are going to be some of the last professional pics you get before you’re out of college and all grown up! Some people think they’re overrated, but I love the idea of picking out a few stylish outfits and having a photoshoot all for yourself. I came up with a little outfit guide if you’re stumped on the best way to dress for your senior pictures! 

First and foremost, your pictures are solely for you. You need to wear what clothes will represent you best! If you’re a girly girl and love preppy, pink sundresses, rock them! Maybe you prefer a minimal look with boyfriend jeans, a tee, and booties. Show it off! These pictures are the one time you can say they’re 100% about you and for you, so make sure you wear what shows your personality best. 

Of course, this part will vary on who you have taking your pictures. But if you’re not completely sure what to bring,Chelsea Crockett - Selfie I suggest two casual outfits and two dressy outfits. For example, I would possibly take a romper and a nice dress. For casual looks, a pair of dark and light skinny jeans with nice, interchangeable shirts is perfect! You can always dress them up with wedges, accessories, and a cute sun hat! I love this outfit I wore on the right, it’s a great example! A long sleeved tan shirt, a chunky necklace, and a maroon hat all tie together nicely :).

If I had to put it into two words: be yourself! Look like your natural, beautiful self!

Good luck! – Chels