Hey girls!

            Shimmering shoes are a definite “in” this fall.  Every outfit can use a little extra shine to make it go from ordinary to exceptional.  Not just shimmering, but metallic kicks are a way to spice up your look.  Silver shoes are super chic and perfect for balancing an attention-catching yet subtle feel to your outfit.

            Chelsea Crockett - Silver ShoesIf you have a dance approaching, a perfect way to complement your dress is with silver heels.  Tying your outfit together with a metallic, silver belt will bring out the chicness of your stylish look. 

            Not only does this trend have to be for formal outings, but casual events, too!  Shining silver flats are a great way to complement a denim.  So make sure you grab your jeans or denim button up and rock it with a pair of metallic flats.  These shoes aren’t only for denim, but almost any autumn outfit you want to try out this season.

            Although this post is mainly about shoes, shimmering purses are also a cute trend this time of year.  And hey, maybe if you’re a true fashionista, you can rock both accessories at the same timeJ!

                                                Good luck!