If you’re like me, then you’re an avid shoe lover!  Besides diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend.  It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re visiting, you can always spark up conversation about shoes with any girl!  Although we all share this same connection, the most popular type of shoe differs between countries.  Fashion, although a sort of universal language, can be very, very different. Chelsea Crockett- clogs

Ever owned a pair of clogs, Uggs, Hunters, or cowboy boots?  These are serious staples for different countries.  Clogs from Sweden, Uggs from Australia, Hunter rain boots from England, and cowboy boots from Texas have made their way around the world!  From the runway to the street, they’ve become some of the hottest trends.  College and high school campuses are flooded with Hunter Wellies on a rainy day, country concerts are full of girls rocking their favorite pair of cowboy boots, and thanks to the reinvention of the clog, throwing on a pair of clog wedges is all the rage in the summer.  Another fun international shoe is the moccasin from Canada!  Love throwing on a pair of these with a boho top of an easy and cute outfit look!

Crazy to think that some of your everyday shoes originated thousands of miles away!  The world has some amazing ideas!