Remember those easy sandals you used to slide into as a kid?  Sometimes they had two straps, maybe three, and you thought you were the coolest kid around?  Well, they’re back; and this time, they’re not only for kids, but for adults and teens as well!  It’s time to bring back an oldie but goodie, and slide into these revamped sandals!Chelsea Crockett- slide sandals

Birkenstocks were the “it” shoes to have when I was in middle school.  If you still have them, then break them out!  Whether it be a quick run to the mall or a casual dress up night with friends, these slide-in athletic sandals are perfect for any occasion.  In one simple swap you can upgrade your normal flip-flops!  Try a pair of black sandals with a casual sundress or shorts and a tee.

You may even see this style of shoe popping up at your mall in different colors and patterns!  Be adventurous with your style and try a floral pattern with a neutral dress or an army green color for a grungy street style look!  Jump back into your childhood and break out a pair of these comfortable, yet stylish sandals!