Sometimes the transition from winter to spring can be rough. Rough on my feet! I don’t want to let go of my adorable winter boots like my combat and riding boots. But you know what? I can compromise. Why? Spring booties, that’s why! Spring booties are an adorable replacement for your beloved winter boots. Before you go and get the winter boots blues, check out these adorable booties!

  1. Casual booties: These are the booties that you can wear to school or to the movies or wherever your daily adventures take you! They are casual and comfy, but cute enough to round out your outfit. I love me a pair of tan booties because they are so versatile and go with virtually anything! Pair your booties with a light wash or pastel pair of skinnies and a flowey, white shirt to create a cute casual look this spring!

Chelsea crockett booties

  1. Dressed up booties: If you are going out for a night with the girls or to an evening event, you can still wear booties! The more formal version of spring booties have a little bit of a heal and are darker colored. They are a little bit more dressy. Black or dark brown booties are usually a safe choice if you are dressing things up. You could also lace up a pair of suede wedge booties, a personal favorite of mine! Here is an example:chelsea crockett boots

If you are an avid boot lover like myself, you can rest easy knowing that you can still wear your beloved boots in the spring!

XOXO, Chels