I know it’s still early in the spring, but if you think about it, summer is really not that far away!  Only a couple more months and it’s June, crazy right?  That means you need to start building your perfect summer wardrobe.  In Australia, there are beaches almost everywhere and palm trees lining your path to them.  If a country knows best about summer style, it’s Australia.  Here are a few summer clothing lines that are starting to spread to the US and other parts of the world!

You may have heard me mention the brand Sabo Skirt once or twice in my past articles.  Sabo Skirt is an online store based from Australia.  They sell high waisted shorts, maxi skirts, cutout dresses, rompers, and much, much more!  Their prices are reasonable and the quality of their products is great!  The colors and patterns of their clothes are super fun and summery.  Check it out!

If you’re in need of a new Chelsea Crockett - Triangl swimsuit or two, take a look at the brand Triangl.  Triangl is also based from Australia and has a unique twist to their suits.  The material used is one similar to a wetsuit.  Fun, right?  You can pick a bandeau or triangle styled top with a cheetah pattern, snakeskin pattern, neon colored, etc.  Although they are a little pricey, the cute patterns and styles are 100% worth it.

Aussie stores are the perfect place to start your summer shopping.  Good luck!