Shoes are my secret obsession.  I love, love, love getting a new pair of sandals or sneakers and rocking them with the perfect outfit to go along with them!  There are a few styles that are going to be extremely “in” this summer.  Here are a few so you can get a head start on your summer shoe wardrobe!

  • Ankle-wrap sandals. Chelsea Crockett - Wrap Heels I love this trend!  You can get a pair that wrap around once or several times.  It can be subtle like the picture on the right or thick ribbon that starts to wrap up your leg.  They’re all so cute and stylish!
  • Patterned heels and wedges.  I’m a pattern type of girl so bright, fun patterned shoes are my favorite.  Especially just a simple pattern that will make your outfit pop is better than nothing at all! 🙂
  • Off-white.  Although white is a timeless color that’ll never go out of style, buy an off-white pair of sandals or wedges for this summer.  Neutral colors are always good to have on hand!
  • Platform heels.  Platform heels can be tricky to walk in at times but they’re so cute!  Purchase a pair to add to your shoe wardrobe to spice up your outfits this summer!
  • Shoes with some shine.  This can be anywhere from a metallic pair of sneakers or some shiny gold heels.  These will guarantee to give your overall outfit a little pop!

Which style is your favorite?  Let me know below! 🙂

XO – Chelsea