Denim is so versatile. It can be worn in all seasons and can make so many cute outfits. Want to know how to rock your denim this summer? Well read on!

  1. High waisted shorts: Of course, you know that these are my bread and butter. They make your waist look teeny weenie, and they also give you a nice retro flare. You can wear them with everything from a simple school tshirt to a cute grahic tee.
  2. Denim button up: You can rock one of these babies with a pair of colored shorts, a colored maxi skirt, white jeans, just about anything you want! They are very versatile and classic.chelsea crockett overalls
  3. Overall shorts: Yes, that’s right, overalls! They are actually a fashion statement this season. Even Selena Gomez is wearing them! You can rock em with a pair of converse and an elbow length tee or tight short sleeved tee. I cannot wait to pick up a pair of these for myself!

I will definitely be sporting these looks this summer, hands down. Will you?

XOXO, Chels