“Ugh, glasses, they’re so nerdy”……WRONG!  Glasses are starting to make their way back into the fashion world.  They are seen on the front cover of fashion magazines and runways all over the world.  Now it’s your turn to throw away those contacts and give your glasses a try.  What was once nerdy is now fabulously chic! Chelsea Crockett- ray-ban glasses

            Glasses should always enhance your face, not cover it up.  Think of them as an accessory, not a necessity (even though they are).  Thick “ray-ban” styled glasses are all the rage.  They give each and every outfit that edgy look with a sophisticated twist.   Try them in a bold black and soft brown to bring out your eyes.  Be sure to enhance your eye makeup to keep your eyes a key focus.  You don’t want your glasses to over-shadow your beautiful eyes!  Another cool trend to try is ombré glasses.  It gives your glasses that eye catching appearance and have a modern feel to them.  They are casual yet dressy!  You can wear them to a wedding or just to class.  Remember, glasses are a must have!  While I’m not condoning to wear glasses if you don’t need to, it’s not a crime to buy a fake pair to wear every once in a while.  Embrace your glasses and your hot new look!

                           – Chelsea