Have you ever looked back on old pictures of your mom and thought, “What is she wearing?!”  Well, as crazy as it sounds, a lot of what your mom may have worn in the 80’s is actually coming back in style.  Sometimes, I’ll throw on an outfit and my mom will tell me all about how she used to wear that when she was my age.  Anyone else go through that torture??  Now, let’s see if any of you have these items lying around in your closet.

            Have you ever thrown on a baggy tee, flannel shirt, or over-sized jacket with a pair of skinny jeans?  Yup, that’s from the 80’s!  It’s a huge trend, especially on the streets of LA and NYC.  A lot of celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, love the oversized look.  It’s super comfy and edgy, and can be worn almost anywhere.  It’s a great look that can be translated from the summer to the winter.Chelsea Crockett- 80s

            Another 80’s trend is high-waisted shorts and tie dye.  High waited shorts can be found anywhere, especially at Forever21 for a great price!  They come in different shades and styles and complete any look.  I love to throw on a pair of high waited shorts with a crop top.  It’s totally trendy.  Tie dye is also coming back in style.  For a great back to school look, try a tie dye cloth back pack.  It’ll take your boring school look from drab to fab.  This print can also be found on tanks, tees, and dresses.  It’s effortlessly chic!  So next time you make fun of your mom’s style, remember, it may come back in style.