Hi Girls!

            It’s about that time again, a time to get dressed up, hangout with your friends, and dance the night away.  It’s homecoming!!  Now, I’m sure you’re used to all the fashion advice that surrounds homecoming, but what about all the other homecoming advice that’s out there?!  I’m going to break down the dos and don’ts of homecoming 2013!Chelsea Crockett- homecoming banner

  • Do: Go with your girlfriends and closet friends!
  • Don’t: Don’t be obsessed about a guy asking you to go to homecoming.  Just have fun with your friends and being YOU!
  • Do: Be simple!  Have everyone over to one of your friends’ houses to take pictures!  This way, everyone can hangout for a little bit before and after.
  • Don’t:  There’s no need to go to the city or a fancy place to take pictures for homecoming, it’s not prom!
  • Do: Carpool to the dance!
  • Don’t:  Renting a limo or party bus for homecoming can be expensive!  Save that expense for prom.
  • Do: Wear a dress that shows off your personality.
  • Don’t: Make sure you don’t look like you’re going to the club!
  • Do: Wear comfy shoes.  Try to pick a shorter heel.
  • Don’t:  You won’t be able to move on the dance floor in 7 inch stilettos!

Another fun thing to do for homecoming is have a potluck!  Have everyone bring their favorite appetizer, entrée, or dessert and set it out for everyone to enjoy.  It’ll save lots of money and you’ll be able to visit with your friends in a more relaxed setting.  You also don’t have to worry about making those pesky dinner reservation. Have a great time at your dance!  It’s a time to remember so take lots of pictures!

Have fun,