The Grammys is one of the biggest nights for awards, celebrities, and fashion! The dresses seen on the red carpet are drop dead gorgeous and can give all the viewers some insight on what’s hot in Hollywood! Here’s a little bit of what I picked up from this year’s show!Chelsea Crockett - Taylor Swift Grammys

  • All black everything! So many of the stars showed up rocking the solid, black look. Beyoncé, Miranda Lambert, and Jessie J were only a few of the several celebs looking simple, yet chic and classy dressed in black from head-to-toe. Who wouldn’t take fashion advice from Queen B?
  • If you’re blonde, following in Taylor Swift’s footsteps is not a bad idea! Her turquoise colored dress looked absolutely amazing with her skin tone and hair color. It’s not too hard of a color to pull off, and it’ll complement your fair skin and light hair!
  • Although Rihanna’s dress was a little outside of the box, I LOVED its salmon pink color! This color would honestly look great on anyone. Whether you have a darker skin tone and brown hair or light skin and blonde hair, this color is girly, cute, and will be sure to stick out at prom.
  • Most stars avoided the bling and shimmer this year and kept it pretty simple. Several of the celebrities on the red carpet wore solid colored dresses, some with small cutouts or lace patterns. Simple dresses are classy and can be fun to accessorize :).

Let me know whose look was your favorite in the comments below!

XO – Chels