What would you say if a button up could turn a dress into a skirt, be turned into a crop top, and be used as a jacket?  While it may sound too good to be true, it is possible!  Button ups are a must for every closet and have so many purposes.  I’ll show you how to turn these shirts into a completely different outfit!  Get the most use out of your clothing!

            To make a summer skirt, put on a sun dress or tight body con dress and wear a sheer or solid button up over it.  Button your shirt all the way up, but leave the last two buttons unbuttoned.  Tie the bottom of your shirt and it will give the illusion that you are wearing a skirt and top!  To make a winter skirt, do the same thing, but wear a maxi dress.  Pair it with a pair of combat boots and you’re good to go!  Making a crop top is very similar.  Tie your top the same and pair with high waisted shorts.  It’s such an effortless look!Chelsea Crockett- button up with dress

            Lastly, a button up can be used as the perfect light summer jacket.  I love using denim button ups and bring it almost everywhere.  Whenever you get chilly, slip it on and leave it open and you’ve got a quick jacket!  It’s pretty stylish too!  Check out these button ups from Amazon and comment below if you have another fun way to rock a button up!