Oh the beauties of the Internet!  With a few clicks of your mouse, you can be exploring clothes and accessories from your favorite stores and imagining your perfect outfit!  Online shopping really is the easiest way to shop and it’s right at your fingertips…literally!

Some may argue that online shopping is a hassle.  Between shipping costs and not being able to try the clothes on, you may find yourself paying more for clothes that don’t fit!  While I can’t argue with that, I will admit that I’ve found many more sales on the Internet than in stores.  Many stores have online only items and sales and offer free returns and exchanges if the clothes don’t fit.  Most of the time you can even return your online order right in the store; no need to make a trip to the post office.  Also, if you spend a certain amount of money, then the shipping is free!  Not to mention, finding a box on your doorstep is like Christmas morning!Chelsea Crockett- online shopping boxes

Sometimes I find it hard and stressful shopping in unorganized stores, like Forever21 for example, and find it hassle free online!  Since I typically know what size I wear, I usually do not have a problem.  If you are looking for something specific, then it’s easy to type it in and look it up!  This way, you won’t be searching the mall for hours!

Next time you feel like taking a trip to the mall, curl up in bed and grab your laptop.  You may find your new hobby…online shopping!