Spring can be a confusing season, since it can be a mix between summer and winter weather.  As the cool winter air turns into the crisp spring weather, layering is an important art to master in the fashion world.  It’s an easy way to be able to break out some of your warm-weathered clothing without freezing in the cool March temperatures.  Check out my simple ways toChelsea Crockett- spring layering layer in the spring.

            The #1 tip to layering is to keep the bulk to a minimum.  It’s easy to throw on an abundance of clothing, but the outcome may not be flattering.  Keep your base outfit form-fitting.  A blazer is a great way to add warmth to an outfit without making the outfit look bulky.  It can be paired with a simple dress or jeans and a tee/button-up.  The same goes for a vest.  If you want to wear one of your favorite dresses, but the weather might be too cold for it, don’t worry!  Try pairing your dress with a jean jacket and light, silk scarf.  If it’s too chilly to wear sandals, opt for a pair of flats or knee high riding boots to complete your look.  If it’s too chilly to wear your favorite spring button up, try throwing on a crewneck sweater over the shirt, pulling out the collar and rolling up the sleeves.  Make sure to wear bright colors to really capture the essence of spring!

            Layering is so important, especially during the months of crisp, cool weather.  Experiment with your clothing, and soon enough, you’ll be a layering expert!