Have you seen any of these skirts floating around lately? I am absolutely in love with them! In this post I am going to tell you where you can buy one and how to style them!

Where to buy them:

You can buy them on sites like modcloth.com or even ebay! I was able to find some super cute, affordable ones on gojane.com. Some people even make their own! For those crafty few, there are some great blogs and YouTube videos that tell you exactly how to do it. You can buy cheap tulle at Walmart!

How to style them:

It really depends on your personal style! If you are a bit more edgy, throw on a studded leather jacket and combat boots with your skirt. If you are on the preppy side, layer a button up shirt with a sweater and oxfords with your skirt to complete the look. If you are going for a classy look, pair the skirt with a bright blazer and some nude pumps. Instantly adorable! If you like a retro look, add a pair of dark tights and Mary Jane pumps with a simple blouse. I love these skirts because they are so fun to wear!chelsea crockett tulle skirt

I really fell in love with this trend after seeing it on Pinterest! Do you have a Pinterest? If so, go ahead and follow me! The link to my account is here on my website, just click on the Pinterest logo at the top of the page!

I hope you enjoy this trend as much as I do!