Alright ladies, it’s time to channel your inner Macklemore! Do you ever love having an item of clothing that is unique?  Something that no one else has?!  Malls are full of the same product that everyone owns, so finding something original can be tough.  This is where thrift shopping comes into play.  Thrift shops are the perfect go-to shopping destination for everything unique and different. Chelsea Crockett- Thrift Shop

The first rule to thrift shopping is to be patient. Most aren’t very organized and it can take a while to find a decent item of clothing.  Vintage sweatshirts, over-sized plaid, and high-waisted denim are some of things to be on the lookout for.  If you can find a pair of high waisted denim that fit you around the waist, but may be ugly or high water, purchase them and turn them into high-waisted shorts!  It’s also a good idea to check out the men’s clothing section for plaid and vintage tees.

If you’ve got a good chunk of time on your hands and are up for an adventure, then thrift shopping is the answer! You may be surprised what’s hidden throughout the racks.