Online shopping is both a blessing and a curse.  Having the ability to buy anything and everything at the click of a button can be scary (especially for my bank account!).  There are certain things you can do to online shop the smart way, by finding deals and discounts!  Here are a few tips that my wallet can thank me for.

  • Most of the time, you can sign up for an online account and receive discounts right off the bat!  It’s super simple and usually saves you over 20% off your purchase.Chelsea Crockett - Online Shopping Meme
  • If you have a smartphone, download the store’s app to your phone.  You can usually turn on notifications for sales and discounts!
  • Keep an eye out for marked off items on the website.  Just like a sale rack in the store, there will be sections online with discounted clothing.  Just because you’re not in the store doesn’t mean you can’t snag a good deal!
  • Read the reviews.  A lot of times, websites with really cheap clothing can either be an awesome steal or a waste of money.  Read what other people have to say about the brand or company to make sure it’s legit!
  • Don’t forget that coupons and gift cards work just the same as in stores!  You can usually find somewhere on the website before you check out that lets you redeem the code found on your card.

What online shopping tips do you follow?  I’m always in need of some shopping tips! 🙂