Overalls are a trend that have been considered “out” for a long time!  But recently, they’ve made a huge comeback anywhere from Forever21 to Express to Nordstrom.  You may be picturing the typical long, jean overalls but there are actually many different styles and colors that are much more popular! 

Chelsea Crockett - OverallsFirst, you’ll need to decide if you want long or short overalls.  There’s also the option of getting overalls with a skirt if you want to get a nicer pair!  Some pairs will have the typical pockets on the front and back of the overalls but others, like the one on the left, will have a sleeker look without pockets that you can dress up.

After you decide the style you want, you’ll have to pick a color.  I’m sure there are all different colors to choose from, but some colors I’ve seen a lot more than others.  Jean is obviously the most popular and the color you’ll see most in stores!  It matches with everything and can be a casual look for a day out with friends!  As for other colors, other popular ones include black, white, light pink, or army green.  Get one of these colors to mix it up!

Are you going to get a pair?  Let me know below which style is your favorite!

XO – Chelsea