Hello insiders!  One of the season’s hottest trends that I absolutely love is cutout dresses.  They’re super fashionable and can be found at almost any of my favorite stores.  One of the cool things about them is that you can find different cutout shapes such as a hearts or triangles, whatever you prefer! 

             Chelsea Crockett - Heart Cutout DressA great online store for cutout dresses is Sabo Skirt.  They have a ton of different designs, patterns, and colors!  My favorite is the “Heart Back Dress” which comes in white, black, blue, and pink!  Even though the dress is only one color, you can add a pop of neon with your shoes or handbag.

            Another place to find the best dresses is, of course, Forever 21.  Forever 21 has chic choices of the prettiest dresses at a great price.  All dresses range from only around $20 to $30 which is a great deal for how good the qualities of the dresses are!

             Although the selection is a little smaller, Love Culture and Charlotte Russe also carry cute, simple cutout dresses that are just as fashionable.  Just like Forever 21, their prices are just as good and the quality is great as well.

            Windsor clothing store also offers cutout dresses with a more formal look.  So if you want to wear a cutout dress for a fall dance, Windsor offers timeless but trendy looks.  You can pair it with ballet flats or heels depending on your event!

                                                                                   XO – Chels