Trends and fads come and go. They wouldn’t be called trends if they didn’t! So many styles and looks that make their way into the fashion world often go unnoticed and fly under the radar. I know I’m not the only one that finds a stylish look on Pinterest and thinks, “why have I not tried that?” or “where did that trend go?” Here are a few that shouldn’t be forgotten!

Chelsea Crockett - Turtleneck SweaterWhen someone mentions a turtle neck, we don’t always picture the cutest shirt or sweater. But I’ve found a ton of blog posts that actually rock them and make me want to buy some myself! The top on the left is a perfect example of making a turtleneck stylish and classy (especially with a topknot or high ponytail).

Another stereotypical “don’t” in the fashion world is overalls. They’re actually really fun to wear and can be worn on tons of different occasions! I even rocked a pair on the Fourth of July! I’ve even seen girls go to baseball games and wear overalls with their teams’ colors and it looks so cute!Chelsea Crockett - Fringe Shoes

Fringe is another look that you either love or hate. In my opinion, it can be totally fashionable! I’ve seen tons of magazines feature fringe shoes like the picture on the right. Wearing fringe like that is so underrated! (Side note: they’re also suede material which is another trend that goes unnoticed!)

What trends do you like that go unacknowledged like the ones above? Let me know below!

XO – Chelsea