Hi Insiders!

                Halloween is just around the corner!  It’s such a festive time of the year when you can dress up for a night and not be yourself.  Costumes can be expensive, time consuming, and some people don’t like to dress up; so what if you want to engage in the Halloween festivities, but don’t want to wear a costume?  I’ve got a few ideas for you to still get in the Halloween spirit without fully dressing up! Chelsea Crockett- ghost sweatshirt

                Try hitting up a store like Forever21 or even a thrift shop and searching for a graphic tee or sweatshirt with a cute pumpkin, ghost, or black cat.  Try wearing an over-sized sweatshirt with leggings and boots or a graphic tee with your favorite pair of jeans! Style it like you normally would and you’re good to go!  Another simple Halloween statement piece you could wear is a spooky pair of leggings.  Find a crazy pair with skeleton bones or tiger stripes on them.  Throw on a solid colored tee and you’ve got yourself a subtle, yet stylish costume!

                Another festive way to get ready for Halloween is with Halloween colors!  If you don’t want to wear something affiliated with Halloween try wearing orange, black or purple.  This way, you’ll be sporting the holiday colors without having to dress up!  Halloween isn’t all about dressing up, but it is part of the fun.  Don’t forget these simple tips for being festive without actually wearing a costume!

Happy Halloween!